Coachella Day 3

After two days full of excitement, I had made it to the final day of the festival.  When my alarm went off, it took everything in me to pry myself out of the bed for breakfast.  I had taken a Benadryl before bed the night before, and it felt like it didn’t fully kick in […]

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Coachella Day 2

After an exciting first day, I couldn’t wait to get back on the festival grounds for day two.  Since we were more familiar with the area, it didn’t take us nearly as long as the first day to get parked.  Of course with the large amount of people, there were multiple lots for day parking […]

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Coachella Day 1

So after month’s of waiting, I finally made it to the weekend of Coachella!  This was the culmination of all my concert-going to this point.  Coachella has always been a bucket list festival to attend since it’s arguably the most popular festival in the country.  Here is a look into my first day at the […]

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Somebody is On the Run

This morning some more exciting news was released…or so we thought. Earlier today on Ticketmaster, an event popped up featuring the Queen and King themselves, Beyoncé and Jay-Z.  The event was listed as On the Run 2, which looked to be a follow-up to the immensely popular original tour that featured the couple in 2014. […]

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Childish Gambino is Going on Tour!

After you heard Childish Gambino’s most recent album, “Awaken, My Love,” you might’ve been like me and been pressed to know when Childish would go on tour next.  For awhile it seemed as if a tour just wasn’t going to happen due to the immensely busy schedule of Childish, otherwise known as Donald Glover. Starting […]

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