Coachella Day 3

After two days full of excitement, I had made it to the final day of the festival.  When my alarm went off, it took everything in me to pry myself out of the bed for breakfast.  I had taken a Benadryl before bed the night before, and it felt like it didn’t fully kick in until the next morning.  I was still pretty congested from all the dust from the previous day.  So before I went to breakfast, I also took a nasal decongestant to help clear me up.  I then went downstairs to quickly scarf down some food so I could get back in the bed before my group planned to leave for the festival.  Like Saturday, I planned to get to the festival to see an early act, but my plan was foiled due to how tired I was.  

When we arrived, we did manage to park in the blue lot which was the same lot we were parked at the first day.  This was the easiest day in terms of parking and getting around the area before entering the festival.  Hopefully next time I go to Coachella they don’t change things around because I finally feel like I have a grasp on the logistics.

However, this was the hottest day of the three.  At a whopping 97 degrees, I was struggling while waiting in line for the security check.  Although I would see more artists on Sunday, this felt like my slowest day in terms of non-music related activities.  I didn’t eat or sightsee much, so I was generally confined to the stages that artists were performing at.  Here’s a list of the artists that I managed to catch on Sunday:

  • Russ
  • Dej Loaf 
  • Cardi B
  • Jacob Banks
  • Jidenna
  • 6lack
  • French Montana
  • Ibeyi
  • Miguel
  • Migos
  • Eminem

In addition to being my slowest day at the festival, this was also probably my least favorite day in terms of performances.  There were a couple of artists I had seen before, a couple that weren’t high on my personal lineup, but then a couple that I was very excited to see.  Eminem, Cardi B, and the Migos were my top three anticipated performers of the day.  There was also one artists, Jacob Banks, I saw who I didn’t know much about, but I became a fan after seeing his performance.  Take a look below to see some of my highlights from day 3:

  • Favorite performance of the day – Eminem
  • Best stage – Eminem
  • Best vocal performance – Miguel
  • Most energetic performer – Eminem
  • Best crowd – Cardi B
  • Favorite setlist – Eminem
  • Favorite surprise of the day – Cardi B bringing out Bad Bunny & J. Balvin
  • Favorite restaurant/food item of the day –Monty’s Good Burger – Vegan Impossible Burger & Fries
  • Favorite non-music attraction – Etherea, by Edoardo Tresoldi

The two biggest performances for me were Eminem and Cardi B.  I had never seen Cardi perform before but based on videos I had seen on the internet, I expected it to be a fun experience.  Eminem has been one of my favorite rappers since I was young.  I had the opportunity to see him before and it was one of my favorite performances I had experienced.  Both artists delivered exactly what I expected.

As many know, Cardi is pregnant, but that didn’t seem to slow her down.  She still managed to deliver a high energy performance in the desert heat.  She performed on the largest stage at the festival, but her setup wasn’t too elaborate.  The most interesting part of it, was the metal-like frame.  She had dancers that seemed to have a history of stripping, so they were performing all kind of acrobatic moves on the frame.  Cardi also broke out the occasional twerk moves while she was performing.  This was both amazing, and funny, given her current pregnancy.  I was pretty excited because she performed two of my favorite songs from her new album, “I Like It” featuring Bad Bunny and J. Balvin, and “I Do” featuring SZA.  The crazy thing is, she brought all three artists out to perform each respective song.  This put her performance over the top for me.  I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing.

At the end of the day, Eminem would perform to close out the weekend.  Although I had seen him before, it’s always special to see him perform.  For those who don’t know, Eminem hasn’t had much of a legit tour for any recent albums.  He does this because in the past he struggled with drug usage and touring extensively has served as a trigger for that drug use.  Now, Em has been clean for ten years, and has opened up the gates slightly in terms of touring.  This year he has is playing numerous festivals after the release of his most recent album “Revival.”

Em opened his set to thousands of fans screaming in excitement.   One very interesting part of Eminem’s set was the inclusion of an augmented reality set.  This allowed you to use your phone to view images projected above the stage which wouldn’t be visible otherwise.  It was amazing to experience this virtual reality-like technology in person, I had never seen anything like this.  He also was performing a few of my favorite songs during this time like, “Kill You,” “Square Dance,” and “Rap God.”  The energy he brought to the stage was crazy.  I also brought my own level of energy to my area of the crowd.  Since I had been such a huge fan, I was rapping the words to almost every song throughout the set.  I loved his setlist because he performed all his old hits, in addition to his newer songs.  The mix of songs helped push his new album, but he looked out for his old fans by performing songs like “My Name Is,” “Sing for the Moment,” and “The Way I Am.” 

Em also provided the crowd with a few surprises too.  He brought out 50 Cent and Dr. Dre at separate times during his set.  The moment that he brought out 50 Cent proved to be one of my favorite moments of the whole weekend.  They performed “Patiently Waiting” from 50’s first album “Get Rich or Die Tryin.”  The song is one of my favorite rap songs ever, and it features my favorite Eminem verse as well.  As I stated before, he also brought Dr. Dre out to perform a few hits together.  One of the songs that they performed was their initial collaboration, and another one of my favorites, Forgot About Dre.  Each of the other songs performed were older songs from Dre’s heyday.  Songs like “Nuthin’ but a “G” Thang” and “California Love” were performed by Em and Dre.  The interesting part is that Eminem would take the place of artists’ who had verses in these songs other than Dre.  Tupac’s “California Love” verse and Snoop’s verse in “Nuthin’ but a “G” Thang” were both performed by Em.  Although I was hoping they would break out another Tupac hologram (Coachella 2012) and that Snoop would also pop up, it still was great to hear Em attack each verse.  Em would finish his set soon after by performing “Lose Yourself” during his Encore.  What a way to end the weekend!

Walking out of the festival was bittersweet.  I had enjoyed myself so much and I was still taking in everything from the weekend, but I was also sad that I was leaving.  Coachella proved to be worth the hype.  This was my favorite festival I had ever attended!

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