Kanye Drops a Bomb on our Summer!

If you haven’t already heard, Kanye West has dropped some major news on the music world today!

According to ‘Ye himself, he’s planning to drop his upcoming album on June 1st.  It’s expected to be a seven track project, but there are no further details on his solo project.

However, there was some more unexpected information that brought the world to attention.  Kanye also tweeted about an album that him and good friend Kid Cudi plan to release.  The pair is set to drop a collaborative album called “Kids See Ghosts,” which is also the name of the group.

Although the two have been made numerous great tracks together throughout the years, they’ve never officially made an album together.  For me personally, this is the true definition of an early Christmas.  Just the thought of two of the most influential, and my personal favorite artists making an album together only makes me more excited about the summer.

With the major recent news of artists planning to release albums over the summer, are you excited?  Who’s upcoming album are you most excited to hear?

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