J. Cole Announces the Release of New Album..

Rapper J. Cole had a surprise concert in New York City today for fans.  This wasn’t something new for J. Cole, as he’s given fans somewhat of a surprise show before with his Dollar and a Dream Tour.  This started in 2013 when he would give fans the opportunity to attend a show for only a dollar. The surprise came in the day of the show when Cole would announce where the show would actually be held. Before that release, fans would have to monitor social media to figure out the show’s location. Like the Dollar and a Dream tour, the show today, was on a first come, first serve basis.

This time, Cole announced the surprise FREE concert at the Gramercy Theater, in New York City two hours prior to the start of the show.  “No phones, no cameras, no bags, no press list, no guest list,” was listed on the picture he posted in a tweet to fans.  This was for sure to be close to impossible to successfully gain entry to, since the Gramercy Theater’s capacity is listed at 650 guests.  This was sure to be a treat for those able to attend.

This indeed was a great surprise because not only did attendees get to see him in such an intimate venue, but they also got to hear his brand new album before the release was even announced.  Fans stated that he performed the 12-track album KOD in it’s entirety to the crowd.  It was also said that the name was representative of three different names: Kids on Drugs, King Overdose, and Kill our Demons.

Only about an hour ago, Cole officially announced through his Twitter, that KOD would be releasing April 20th.

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