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adjective | con·cert·ed | \kən-ˈsər-təd\   

1.      Contrived or arranged by agreement; planned or devised together: a concerted effort.
2.     Done or performed together or in cooperation: a concerted attack.
3.     (Music) Arranged in parts for several voices or instruments.

Going to concerts for almost ten years has taught me a few things.  For instance, 90% of the time, the show you’re going to see probably won’t start at the allotted start time listed on the venue’s website.  It has also taught me that many different aspects of a concert work together and can make or break the show. 

As stated above, Concerted describes things that are done or performed together or in cooperation with each other.  For my purposes, it describes how different details in each concert work together to make the show a more enjoyable experience. 

Throughout the year I will be posting about the different concerts and festivals that I am attending.  In each post about a specific show, you will get my personal experiences from each show, organized in a “Concerted” manner.  For each show, I will discuss how five specific details of a show work together to make the experience better.  These five things are:

  1. The Venue,
  2. The Crowd,
  3. The Stage (Stage Setup),
  4. The Performance,
  5. The Song Choice.

These five aspects are essential in creating a lasting experience for those attending the show.  Read below on what each aspect entails and how they add to the show.

First, The Venue.  When you go to a concert, the location can have a large impact on how each fan enjoys the show.  Is the artist’s following too big for the venue or vice versa?  Does the sound quality of the venue dampen the show?  Does the venue fit the style and personality of the artist’s performance?  Maybe you enjoy having your own seat at a show versus standing in a general admission pit, all of these factors and more come into effect when you consider the type of venue the artist is performing at.

Next, The Crowd.  The crowd (or the artist’s following) is essentially a part of the artist. The amount of people in attendance at the show can be a representation of the hype behind the artist.  From time to time the size will grow or shrink based on many different things and this has a direct effect with how you might personally enjoy the show.  The demographic of the crowd is also interesting as this can change over time due to the popularity of an artist.  Some artists might start off with a small cult following, and grow to a big Top 40 kind of artist.  This can change the amount of people in attendance and the demographic of the fans in attendance.  It is interesting to see how the artists adapts to the change over time.

The Stage (stage setup) will usually change based on the type of artist performing, how successful they are, and the size of the venue they are playing. Although the size of the venue and the budget of the artist usually has a direct effect with how elaborate the stage setup is, I have personally seen some of the most creative stages at smaller venues.  It is fun to see how the stage reflects an artist and their current body of work.

The Performance, in my opinion, is the most important aspect of live music.  How the artist reacts with the crowd, and the amount of energy they bring to the stage, are a couple of valid points that tie into this portion of the show.  This can also change based on the type of music being performed.  Going to Rock & Roll concert naturally will differ from going to a R&B or Jazz show.  The artist’s performance will essentially make or break the whole concert experience.

Lastly, The Song Choice.  Have you ever been to a show expecting to hear your favorite song that essentially made them famous, only to hear a catalog of new music that does nothing for you?  Have you ever gone to see an artist and they completely change the way they performed a classic song?  When things like this happens, it can greatly dampen the whole experience and leave you with a sour taste in your mouth.

Live music provides amazing experiences that you will remember for the rest of your life, whether their remarkably good, or painstakingly bad.  So I hope you take what you’ve read here and remember how these different aspects of a show work together in a “Concerted” effort to produce a great experience.

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